Dorr Playful Rechargeable Love Egg / Wand Vibrator

Dorr Playful is a unique sex toy set. This set makes it possible to switch between a vibrating egg and a wand vibrator in a quick and easy way.

The handle controls both the egg and the vibrator and you can screw the desired toy on the handle. The wand vibrator and the vibrating egg are made of soft and body-safe silicone and have 10 different vibration settings, which are easy to adjust with the push buttons on the handle.

The handle can be recharged and thanks to the hole in the side of the box, you can even recharge it when it is in the box.

Measurements: - Vibrator: length 20 cm, max. diameter 4 cm 

Vibrating egg: length 8 cm, max. diameter 3.4 cm