Dive'In Delilah Full Size Masturbator

Go for some lifelike pleasure with the Dive' In Delilah Masturbator!

The lifelike buttocks and vagina are always ready for you. Dive' In Delilah is completely made of Sexflesh, a super realistic material that is indistinguishable from the real thing.

Enjoy Delilah's anus or vagina and lube her up.

Penetrate your favorite opening and feel the narrow ribbed shaft spoiling your penis. Feel how the ribs stimulate you with every thrust and reach that beautiful climax.

When you're done Delilah is easily cleaned through the special reservoir at the top. When you're done with Delilah just put her in the closet. Thanks to the compact size Dive' In Delilah fits perfectly in your closet.

 Waterproof Yes
Internal structure Ripples
Length 22.00 cm
Internal length 20.00 cm
Waterbased Lube Recomended